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Autumn Planters

What are Autumn Planters?

Our Easy Pre-Planted Insert for Autumn Hanging Baskets and Patio Containers

  • Unique mesh bottom planter that plants grow through
  • Pre-planted with 7 hardy 'Cool Wave' pansy plants chosen for top quality performance
  • Will bring colour to your patio from the Autumn through Winter to the Spring
  • Planter fully charged with slow release Fertilizer to ensure full season success
  • 30cm diameter, fits well into 40cm or larger Hanging Baskets or Patio Containers
  • 5 colour choices

Colour Options

Berries 'n Cream

Blueberry Swirl

Strawberry Swirl

Pastel Mixed


How are they Delivered?

All our planters are sold in single packs (planted with 7 plants), and come delivered in a protective plastic package, that prevents them drying out and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Kinder planters Kinder planters

What should I do when I receive my Planters?

  • Your planter should be unpacked upon receipt and watered, ideally by standing in a shallow trough of water. If a trough is unavailable, simply fill the plastic package that it came in with 1cm of water, and leave on a windowsill, but avoid high temperatures.
  • Your planters can stay in their information wrappers for a few days until you are ready to plant them.
  • Fill your patio container or hanging basket with compost up to 8cm from the top, place your planter on top in the centre and fill in gaps around the edge with more compost, then water well.
  • Continue to water as required
  • Within just 2-3 weeks your hanging basket or patio container will be established.
Kinder autumn planters