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Autumn Plug Plants

What are Autumn Plug Plants?

These are seed raised bedding plants that are grown in a tray with 20 individual plug cells, within each of which there is one plant. Each plug plant measures 5-7cm in height, when measured from the base of the root to the top of the plant, and has a compost plug root ball of 3cm in height with a square of width 2cm at the top and 1 cm at the bottom..

Our Autumn plugs are ideal for the enthusiastic gardener. We take care of the tricky germination which often requires low temperatures in the summer months.

On delivery just plant into pots and allow them to establish for a couple of weeks in a greenhouse before planting out into Hanging Baskets, Patio Containers, Garden Beds or Borders when your Summer displays are finished.

They will deliver beautiful floral colour to your garden at a time when few other plants will do the job.

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Our autumn plug plants are individually priced ranging from just only £5.75 for a tray of 20 plants. Due to the packaging they are sold with a minimum order of 3 trays, but you can mix and match your varieties. Other companies require you to buy 60 plants of the same variety, but we let you choose 3 different varieties giving you better overall value and flexibility in your choice.

Plug Plants

We use the Royal Mail to send deliveries so unlike other companies we don't charge extra for delivery to Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man or other UK islands. Our P&P charge is only £4.95 per delivery.

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Aftercare Instructions

Push the plug of compost from underneath to extract the plants from their wrappings, and then pot them on into 3" (7.5cm) pots, in bedding plant compost. Water as required, feed once a week. Plant out into containers or beds when your summer displays have finished. Our listings give more information about the flowering period and requirements of each variety. Please see our aftercare section for full details.