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Starter Plants

What are Starter Plants?

Starter plants are young patio or bedding plants that have successfully rooted from cuttings or germinated from seed. They are well established with plenty of roots, but are still small enough for you to enjoy their development into fully grown plants, without the risk of failure at propagation. Without specialist propagation techniques and equipment, some patio plants are difficult to propagate, and so Starter Plants are an ideal solution.

Starter Plants

Starter plants are ideal for growing on, in greenhouse, conservatories or on windowsills. They come with a 5cm plug of compost, full of healthy roots. They are the right size for planting in the sides of hanging baskets, without the worry of breaking roots and foliage as you go.

How are they Delivered?

All our Starter Plants are sold in packs of 3 plants, and come delivered in a protective plastic package, that prevents them drying out and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

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What are Premium Starter Plants?

Our range of Premium Plants are an upgrade in size of our Starter Plants using the same proven formula Glue plug. The larger size enables us to create a slightly larger more robust plant improving its vigour when planted. This range is made up of all our Patio Begonia and Ivy Geraniums which no longer appear in the Starter Plant range and features a new super series of Geranium Ivy Precision.

Premium Plants also offer the same excellent vigour and garden performance as our Starter Plant range. Another easy way to a colourful garden!

What should I do when I receive my Starter Plants?

Your Starter plants should be unpacked upon receipt and watered, ideally by standing in a shallow trough of water. If a trough is unavailable, simply fill the plastic package that they came in with 1cm of water, and leave them in sunshine on a windowsill stood upright.

Your Starter plants can stay in their information wrappers for a few days until you are ready to pot them on.

Push the plug of compost from underneath to extract the plants from their wrappings, and then pot them on into 4" (10cm) pots, in bedding plant compost. Water as required, feed once a week and protect from frost. Please see our aftercare section for full details.

Kinder starter plants