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What are Planters?

Our Easy Pre-Planted Insert for Hanging Baskets and Patio Containers

  • Unique mesh bottom planter that plants grow through
  • Pre-planted with 7 plants of varieties chosen for top quality performance
  • Supplied showing first colour
  • Planter fully charged with slow release Fertilizer to ensure full season success
  • 30cm diameter, fits well into 40cm or larger Hanging Baskets or Patio Containers
  • 11 exciting colour coordinated options each available in Basket (trailing) and Patio Container (upright) versions

Colour Options

Nautical Chic

The Nautical Chic mixture contains waves of majestic ocean blues and brilliant whites, breaking upon golden yellow sands. These coastal influences create a calm and relaxed environment. Just add a deck chair for your seaside escapism to be complete!


The Lipstick mixture is our new selection of pinks, from pastel pink, to pretty rose, to bright cherry. This lip smacking mix of highly pigmented, long lasting colour is perfect for a stylish high shine finish to your summer display!

Primary Fun

The Primary Fun mixture contains vivid primary colours of blue, red and yellow. These brilliant bright colours work together as easy as 1-2-3 and add a real fun feel to your family inspired garden.


The Heatwave mixture is a combination of vibrant reds and yellows, highlighted with intense oranges. These stunning colours create a sizzling summer theme, a perfect reminder of a scorching summer – even in the British summertime!

Bridal Bouquet

The Bridal Bouquet mixture gives you a veil of soft creams and whites with enchanting pinks and striking silver, creating a marriage of perfect harmony. Perfect for the ultimate romantic setting!


The Sophistication mixture has a pretty palette of dreamy pale pinks, soft mauves, rich roses and violets. These elegant, beautiful colours help create a really stylish space, a perfect setting for sweet treats and cocktail delights!


The Bollywood mixture is an infusion of vibrant magentas, exotic oranges and intense yellows. These clashing shades create a loud, imaginative and fun, eastern inspired experience. The perfect setting for any motion picture!

Sea Blues

The Sea Blues mixture is a cool combination of shades of blue. These blues inspire a feeling of not only coolness, but also peace and serenity. The perfect way to escape and add a splash of the ocean waves to your garden!

Brilliant Bling

The Brilliant Bling mixture is ideal for those who want to make a statement. The bright and bold colours against the black bring an exuberant life to the garden, creating a loud but fun feel. Perfect to give you the supercar feel in the garden!


The Multicolour mixture is just that – a riot of mixed colour with no particular colour theme in mind. This mix is a selection of our top performing varieties and is perfect to brighten any summer display!

Effortless Chic

The Effortless Chic mixture is a collection of our best whites. This power neutral selection is both timeless and stylish and ideal for those not wanting bright colours. The perfect way to create a sharp, polished floral statement.

How are they Delivered?

All our planters are sold in single packs (planted with 7 plants), and come delivered in a protective plastic package, that prevents them drying out and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Kinder planters Kinder planters

What should I do when I receive my Planters?

  • Your planter should be unpacked upon receipt and watered, ideally by standing in a shallow trough of water. If a trough is unavailable, simply fill the plastic package that it came in with 1cm of water, and leave in sunshine on a windowsill.
  • Your planters can stay in their information wrappers for a few days until you are ready to plant them.
  • Fill your patio container or hanging basket with compost up to 8cm from the top, place your planter on top in the centre and fill in gaps around the edge with more compost, then water well.
  • Continue to water as required and protect from frost.
  • Within just 2-3 weeks your hanging basket or patio container will be established.
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