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What are Planters?

Our Easy Pre-Planted Insert for Hanging Baskets and Patio Containers

  • Unique mesh bottom planter that plants grow through
  • Pre-planted with 7 plants of varieties chosen for top quality performance
  • Supplied showing first colour
  • Planter fully charged with slow release Fertilizer to ensure full season success
  • 30cm diameter, fits well into 40cm or larger Hanging Baskets or Patio ontainers
  • 11 exciting colour coordinated options each available in Basket (trailing) and Patio Container (upright) versions

Colour Options

The Beach

Ah, summertime by the ocean. Hot sand, cool breeze, pina coladas and a semi-naked Leonardo DiCaprio... what more could you possibly want? If you're looking to invigorate your garden space with beach holiday vibes, then this is the planter combo for you. The blue, white and yellow blooms will have you writing poems about the seaside and planning your next vacation. Leo not included.

Pink Panther

Once the colour of your granny's nightie, now the first choice of millennials worldwide - pink is BACK. This pretty planter showcases shades of light to rose pink, and it's the perfect way to perk up your mood. Plus, it'll let the world know you're young and hip and have a thing for old-school Peter Sellers, and that's what decor is all about. (Is it obvious that a millenial wrote this?)

The Shining

Like the movie, but with more flowers and no freaky supernatural stuff. (So, nothing like the movie). This blend grows into a gloriously cheery selection of primary-coloured blooms, and will outshine any lesser plant in the vicinity. In fact, we firmly believe the flowers you grow will make you wake up happier, decorate more boldy and be less afraid of Jack Nicholson.

Moulin Rouge

If you need flowers to match your glamorously fiery personality (or, you know, to give you the illusion of a glamorously fiery personality) then this is the planter choice for you. Inject your garden room with a riot of reds and yellows, sit back and be fabulous. We take no responsibility if you're suddenly inspired to take up cabaret.

Runaway Bride

Maybe you're married, maybe you're dating. Maybe you're in a committed relationship with pizza. We ain't judging. All we know is that the most beautiful flower arrangements in the world tend to be found at weddings, but those only come around once in a lifetime (unless you're Julia Roberts). Decorate with grace and style all summer long with this blend of pink, white and grey blooms.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

If you sip your Earl Grey with your pinkie out and wear your mother's pearls to fetch the newspaper, then this is the planter combo for you. And if you prefer instant coffee in a soup mug and read your news on Twitter, then this is still the planter combo for you. Various pink, lavender and violet shades combine to create a beautifully sophisticated array, and the planter will add a touch of elegance to any garden room. Because anyone can be Audrey Hepburn when you've got good taste in flowers!

Tropic Thunder

Purple, orange, yellow - where else would you find this striking combo of colourful botanicals but on a tropical island? Why, in your garden, with this planter, of course. So if you like the idea of lying on your lounger in the glorious British sun, feeling like you're sipping rum cocktails under a banana tree, then please buy it. Because tropical islands are expensive, Tropic Thunder was overrated, and this planter is neither. And this is why we're good at marketing.

Deep Blue Sea

Did you know that 86% of people claim that blue is their favourite colour? It's peaceful, it's classic and it looks darn pretty in a planter. Also, we were totally lying about that stat, but there's nothing like quoting numbers to make us sound like we know what we're talking about. In fact, did you know that 92% of the people reading this will now proceed to re-watch Deep Blue Sea, and 100% will purchase this lovely combo of blue, violet and white blooms?


No matter how you feel about rhinestone phone cases or diamond grills (that trend is over now, right?), we're pretty sure you'll fall for these blingalicious blooms. The combo of dark red, golden yellow and black is a bold choice that will make a glamorous statement on any patio James Bond would approve.

Across the Universe

Sometimes we don't want to make choices. All the breakfast options sound delish, all the movies at the cinema look good and all the flowers are pretty. Say hello to the planter combo that gives you a little bit of everything - all your favourite colours, all beautifully blended. Now go play the Beatles and eat that French toast with hollandaise and muesli on the side.

White Heat

We see you. Standing there in your stylish monotone outfit, sipping your sugar-free beverage, living your best life as you shop without touching anything and plan a balanced dinner. (All at the same time). You're an efficient minimalist with a psychopathic side and you'd never think of adding colour to your Scandi-chic home - which is why this blend of white flowers and grey foliage is your dream come true. P.S. We were joking about your psychopathic side. Unless you do have one. Just watch the movie and you'll get it, okay?

How are they Delivered?

All our planters are sold in single packs (planted with 7 plants), and come delivered in a protective plastic package, that prevents them drying out and ensure that they reach you in perfect condition.

Kinder planters Kinder planters

What should I do when I receive my Planters?

  • Your planter should be unpacked upon receipt and watered, ideally by standing in a shallow trough of water. If a trough is unavailable, simply fill the plastic package that it came in with 1cm of water, and leave in sunshine on a windowsill.
  • Your planters can stay in their information wrappers for a few days until you are ready to plant them.
  • Fill your patio container or hanging basket with compost up to 8cm from the top, place your planter on top in the centre and fill in gaps around the edge with more compost, then water well.
  • Continue to water as required and protect from frost.
  • Within just 2-3 weeks your hanging basket or patio container will be established.
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