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The Shining (patio container insert) Planters
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A 30cm wide net pot pre-planted with 7 premium upright plants with flowers of yellow, blue, red & purple.

The planter is ready to be placed on top of a patio container filled with compost. Just add water and within just a few weeks the net pot will root through for a highly colourful display.

The compost in the planter is pre-charged with slow release fertiliser to give the finished patio container great longevity.

Best Use: Patio Container Insert

Size: H 40cm x W 60cm

Position: Full sun #

Flowering: June - September

Tip: Remove dead flowers to enhance appearance and encourage further flowering

How To Grow: The planter is 30cm in diameter and has a mesh bottom from which the roots can grow. Simply fill a patio container 40 - 60cm wide with a good quality compost up to 8cm from the top, place the planter on top, fill any gaps around the planter with compost, then water well. The planter contains sufficient slow release fertilizer for the season so you just need to water as needed. Will be flourishing within 2 - 3 weeks.

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