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Vertigarden Modular Vertical Growing System

The simplest & most cost effective way to create a Vertical Garden

Bring that wall to life!!

2 Ways to Plant
Easy to Water
Easy to Hang
Beautiful Displays

Easy to Plant and Grow!!

  • Create High Impact Colour in Small Spaces
  • Professional Grade Product
  • Designed for Home & Commercial Applications

Vertical Gardening for Everyone with VertiGarden Easy

  • Unique 8 plant VertiGarden module made from high impact plastic
  • Each module is a stand-alone product but can be easily linked to additional modules to increase the display
  • Modules can be connected to a micro-irrigation system or Water Tank to supply water
  • The unique designed for purpose irrigation dripper system delivers water directly to the root system
  • Irrigation fits the module exclusively and allows easy access to check watering function
  • Easy fit sectional lid system for easy planting options
  • Module can be planted with young plant plugs, pack bedding or 9cm pot plants

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